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ObjLoader::material_t Struct Reference

#include <CCObjLoader.h>

Public Attributes

std::string name
var name
local name
float ambient [3]
var ambient ()
local ambient ()
float diffuse [3]
var diffuse ()
local diffuse ()
float specular [3]
var specular ()
local specular ()
float transmittance [3]
var transmittance ()
local transmittance ()
float emission [3]
var emission ()
local emission ()
float shininess
var shininess
local shininess
float ior
var ior
local ior
float dissolve
var dissolve
local dissolve
int illum
var illum
local illum
std::string ambient_texname
var ambient_texname
local ambient_texname
std::string diffuse_texname
var diffuse_texname
local diffuse_texname
std::string specular_texname
var specular_texname
local specular_texname
std::string normal_texname
var normal_texname
local normal_texname
std::map< std::string,
std::string > 

Member Data Documentation

float ambient[3]
float ambient[3]
float ambient[3]
std::string ambient_texname
var ambient_texname
local ambient_texname
float diffuse[3]
float diffuse[3]
float diffuse[3]
std::string diffuse_texname
var diffuse_texname
local diffuse_texname
float dissolve
var dissolve
local dissolve
float emission[3]
float emission[3]
float emission[3]
int illum
var illum
local illum
float ior
var ior
local ior
std::string name
var name
local name
std::string normal_texname
var normal_texname
local normal_texname
float shininess
var shininess
local shininess
float specular[3]
float specular[3]
float specular[3]
std::string specular_texname
var specular_texname
local specular_texname
float transmittance[3]
float transmittance[3]
float transmittance[3]
std::string> unknown_parameter
var unknown_parameter
local unknown_parameter

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