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spAtlasPage Struct Reference

#include <Atlas.h>

Public Attributes

const spAtlasatlas
var atlas
local atlas
const char * name
spAtlasFormat format
spAtlasFilter minFilter
spAtlasFilter magFilter
spAtlasWrap uWrap
spAtlasWrap vWrap
void * rendererObject
int width
int height

Member Data Documentation

const spAtlas* atlas
var atlas
local atlas
spAtlasFormat format
var format
int height
spAtlasFilter magFilter
var magFilter
local magFilter
spAtlasFilter minFilter
var minFilter
local minFilter
const char* name
var name
local name
spAtlasPage* next
var next
local next
void* rendererObject
var rendererObject
local rendererObject
spAtlasWrap uWrap
var uWrap
local uWrap
spAtlasWrap vWrap
var vWrap
local vWrap
int width
var width
local width

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