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TMXLayerInfo Class Reference

TMXLayerInfo contains the information about the layers like: More...

#include <CCTMXXMLParser.h>

Inheritance diagram for TMXLayerInfo:

Public Member Functions

 TMXLayerInfo ()
 ctor ()
 TMXLayerInfo ()
virtual ~TMXLayerInfo ()
void setProperties (ValueMap properties)
ValueMapgetProperties ()
var getProperties ()
local getProperties ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Ref
void retain ()
 Retains the ownership. More...
void release ()
 Releases the ownership immediately. More...
Refautorelease ()
 Releases the ownership sometime soon automatically. More...
unsigned int getReferenceCount () const
 Returns the Ref's current reference count. More...
local getReferenceCount ()
 Returns the Ref's current reference count. More...
virtual ~Ref ()

Public Attributes

ValueMap _properties
var _properties
local _properties
std::string _name
Size _layerSize
bool _visible
unsigned char _opacity
bool _ownTiles
Vec2 _offset

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from Ref
 Ref ()
 Constructor. More...
 Ref ()
 Constructor. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from Ref
unsigned int _referenceCount
 count of references More...
local _referenceCount
 count of references More...

Detailed Description

TMXLayerInfo contains the information about the layers like:

  • Layer name
  • Layer size
  • Layer opacity at creation time (it can be modified at runtime)
  • Whether the layer is visible (if it's not visible, then the CocosNode won't be created)

This information is obtained from the TMX file.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

var ctor ( )
local TMXLayerInfo ( )
virtual ~TMXLayerInfo ( )

Member Function Documentation

ValueMap& getProperties ( )
var getProperties ( )
local getProperties ( )
void setProperties ( ValueMap  properties)
var setProperties ( var  properties)
local setProperties ( local  properties)

Member Data Documentation

Size _layerSize
var _layerSize
local _layerSize
std::string _name
Vec2 _offset
var _offset
local _offset
unsigned char _opacity
var _opacity
bool _ownTiles
var _ownTiles
local _ownTiles
ValueMap _properties
var _properties
local _properties
uint32_t* _tiles
var _tiles
local _tiles
bool _visible
var _visible
local _visible

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