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spAtlasRegion Struct Reference

#include <Atlas.h>

Public Attributes

const char * name
int x
int y
int width
int height
float u
float v
float u2
float v2
int offsetX
int offsetY
int originalWidth
var originalWidth
local originalWidth
int originalHeight
int index
int rotate
var rotate
local rotate
int flip
var flip
local flip
int * splits
var splits
local splits
int * pads
var pads
local pads
var page
local page
var next
local next

Member Data Documentation

int flip
var flip
local flip
int height
var height
local height
int index
var index
local index
const char* name
var name
local name
var next
local next
int offsetX
var offsetX
local offsetX
int offsetY
var offsetY
local offsetY
int originalHeight
var originalHeight
local originalHeight
int originalWidth
var originalWidth
local originalWidth
int* pads
var pads
local pads
spAtlasPage* page
var page
local page
int rotate
var rotate
local rotate
int* splits
var splits
local splits
float u
var u
local u
float u2
var u2
local u2
float v
var v
float v2
var v2
local v2
int width
var width
local width
int x
var x
local x
int y
var y
local y

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