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spSkeletonData Struct Reference

#include <SkeletonData.h>

Public Attributes

const char * version
const char * hash
float width
float height
int bonesCount
spBoneData ** bones
int slotsCount
spSlotData ** slots
int skinsCount
spSkin ** skins
int eventsCount
spEventData ** events
int animationsCount
spAnimation ** animations
int ikConstraintsCount
spIkConstraintData ** ikConstraints
var ikConstraints
local ikConstraints

Member Data Documentation

spAnimation** animations
var animations
local animations
int animationsCount
var animationsCount
local animationsCount
spBoneData** bones
var bones
local bones
int bonesCount
var bonesCount
local bonesCount
spSkin* defaultSkin
var defaultSkin
local defaultSkin
spEventData** events
var events
local events
int eventsCount
var eventsCount
local eventsCount
const char* hash
var hash
local hash
float height
var height
local height
spIkConstraintData** ikConstraints
var ikConstraints
local ikConstraints
int ikConstraintsCount
var ikConstraintsCount
local ikConstraintsCount
spSkin** skins
var skins
local skins
int skinsCount
var skinsCount
local skinsCount
spSlotData** slots
var slots
local slots
int slotsCount
var slotsCount
local slotsCount
const char* version
float width
var width
local width

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