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TextureProtocol Class Referenceabstract

Node objects that uses a Texture2D to render the images. More...

#include <CCProtocols.h>

Inheritance diagram for TextureProtocol:
BlendProtocol AtlasNode MotionStreak ParticleBatchNode ParticleSystem Sprite SpriteBatchNode LabelAtlas TileMapAtlas ParticleSystemQuad BillBoard Skin Label TMXLayer ParticleExplosion ParticleFire ParticleFireworks ParticleFlower ParticleGalaxy ParticleMeteor ParticleRain ParticleSmoke ParticleSnow ParticleSpiral ParticleSun TextFieldTTF

Public Member Functions

virtual ~TextureProtocol ()
virtual Texture2DgetTexture () const =0
 Returns the currently used texture. More...
virtual void setTexture (Texture2D *texture)=0
 Sets a new texuture. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from BlendProtocol
virtual ~BlendProtocol ()
virtual void setBlendFunc (const BlendFunc &blendFunc)=0
 Sets the source blending function. More...
virtual const BlendFuncgetBlendFunc () const =0
 Returns the blending function that is currently being used. More...

Detailed Description

Node objects that uses a Texture2D to render the images.

The texture can have a blending function. If the texture has alpha premultiplied the default blending function is: src=GL_ONE dst= GL_ONE_MINUS_SRC_ALPHA else src=GL_SRC_ALPHA dst= GL_ONE_MINUS_SRC_ALPHA But you can change the blending function at any time.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual ~TextureProtocol ( )
var ~TextureProtocol ( )
local ~TextureProtocol ( )

Member Function Documentation

virtual Texture2D* getTexture ( ) const
pure virtual

Returns the currently used texture.

The texture that is currenlty being used.

Implemented in ParticleSystem, Sprite, SpriteBatchNode, ParticleBatchNode, MotionStreak, and AtlasNode.

virtual void setTexture ( Texture2D texture)
pure virtual

Sets a new texuture.

It will be retained.

textureA valid Texture2D object, which will be applied to this sprite object.

Implemented in ParticleSystem, Sprite, SpriteBatchNode, ParticleBatchNode, ParticleSystemQuad, MotionStreak, and AtlasNode.

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