cocos2d-x  3.3
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cocos2d::extension Namespace Reference


class  AssetsManager
class  AssetsManagerDelegateProtocol
class  AssetsManagerEx
 This class is used to auto update resources, such as pictures or scripts. More...
class  Color3bObject
class  Control
class  ControlButton
 for Cocos2D. More...
class  ControlColourPicker
class  ControlHuePicker
class  ControlPotentiometer
 for Cocos2D. More...
class  ControlSaturationBrightnessPicker
class  ControlSlider
class  ControlStepper
class  ControlSwitch
 for Cocos2D. More...
class  ControlUtils
class  Downloader
class  EventAssetsManagerEx
class  EventListenerAssetsManagerEx
 Usage: auto dispatcher = Director::getInstance()->getEventDispatcher(); auto manager = AssetsManagerEx::create(manifestUrl, storagePath); Adds a listener: More...
struct  HSV
class  Invocation
class  Manifest
class  PhysicsDebugNode
 A BaseData that draws the components of a physics engine. More...
struct  RGBA
class  ScrollView
 ScrollView support for cocos2d-x. More...
class  ScrollViewDelegate
class  TableView
 UITableView support for cocos2d-x. More...
class  TableViewCell
 Abstract class for SWTableView cell node. More...
class  TableViewDataSource
 Data source that governs table backend data. More...
class  TableViewDelegate
 Sole purpose of this delegate is to single touch event in this version. More...


typedef AssetsManager CCAssetsManager
typedef ui::EditBox EditBox
typedef ui::EditBoxDelegate EditBoxDelegate
typedef ui::Scale9Sprite Scale9Sprite


int  (Downloader::ProgressData *ptr, double totalToDownload, double nowDownloaded, double totalToUpLoad, double nowUpLoaded)
var  ( var ptr, var totalToDownload, var nowDownloaded, var totalToUpLoad, var nowUpLoaded)
local  ( local ptr, local totalToDownload, local nowDownloaded, local totalToUpLoad, local nowUpLoaded)
CC_EX_DLL Control::EventType  (Control::EventType a, Control::EventType b)

Typedef Documentation

var EditBox
local EditBox
local Scale9Sprite

Function Documentation

( Downloader::ProgressData *  ptr,
double  totalToDownload,
double  nowDownloaded,
double  totalToUpLoad,
double  nowUpLoaded 
var downloadProgressFunc ( var  ptr,
var  totalToDownload,
var  nowDownloaded,
var  totalToUpLoad,
var  nowUpLoaded 
local downloadProgressFunc ( local  ptr,
local  totalToDownload,
local  nowDownloaded,
local  totalToUpLoad,
local  nowUpLoaded