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PUPathFollower Class Reference

#include <CCPUPathFollower.h>

Inheritance diagram for PUPathFollower:
PUAffector Particle3DAffector Ref

Public Member Functions

virtual void updatePUAffector (PUParticle3D *particle, float deltaTime) override
local updatePUAffector ( local particle, local deltaTime)
void addPoint (const Vec3 &point)
void clearPoints (void)
 Clear all points. More...
unsigned short getNumPoints (void) const
const Vec3getPoint (unsigned short index) const
local getPoint ( local index)
virtual void copyAttributesTo (PUAffector *affector) override
var copyAttributesTo ( var affector)
local copyAttributesTo ( local affector)
virtual ~PUPathFollower (void)
- Public Member Functions inherited from PUAffector
virtual void notifyStart ()
virtual void notifyStop ()
virtual void notifyPause ()
virtual void notifyResume ()
virtual void notifyRescaled (const Vec3 &scale)
local notifyRescaled ( local scale)
virtual void prepare ()
virtual void unPrepare ()
virtual void preUpdateAffector (float deltaTime)
local preUpdateAffector ( local deltaTime)
virtual void postUpdateAffector (float deltaTime)
virtual void firstParticleUpdate (PUParticle3D *particle, float deltaTime)
var firstParticleUpdate ( var particle, var deltaTime)
local firstParticleUpdate ( local particle, local deltaTime)
virtual void initParticleForEmission (PUParticle3D *particle)
var initParticleForEmission ( var particle)
local initParticleForEmission ( local particle)
void process (PUParticle3D *particle, float delta, bool firstParticle)
void setLocalPosition (const Vec3 &pos)
const Vec3 getLocalPosition () const
void setMass (float mass)
float getMass () const
const Vec3getDerivedPosition ()
 Calculate the derived position of the affector. More...
local getDerivedPosition ()
 Calculate the derived position of the affector. More...
const AffectSpecialisationgetAffectSpecialisation (void) const
 Todo. More...
local getAffectSpecialisation ()
 Todo. More...
void setAffectSpecialisation (const AffectSpecialisation &affectSpecialisation)
const std::string & getAffectorType (void) const
 Todo. More...
void setAffectorType (const std::string &affectorType)
void addEmitterToExclude (const std::string &emitterName)
 Add a ParticleEmitter name that excludes Particles emitted by this ParticleEmitter from being affected. More...
void removeEmitterToExclude (const std::string &emitterName)
 Remove a ParticleEmitter name that excludes Particles emitted by this ParticleEmitter. More...
const std::string & getName (void) const
 Todo. More...
void setName (const std::string &name)
virtual ~PUAffector ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Particle3DAffector
virtual void updateAffector (Particle3D *particle, float deltaTime)
void setEnabled (bool enabled)
 Enables or disables the emitter. More...
bool isEnabled (void) const
virtual ~Particle3DAffector ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Ref
void retain ()
 Retains the ownership. More...
void release ()
 Releases the ownership immediately. More...
Refautorelease ()
 Releases the ownership sometime soon automatically. More...
unsigned int getReferenceCount () const
 Returns the Ref's current reference count. More...
virtual ~Ref ()
 Destructor. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static PUPathFollowercreate ()
local create ()

Public Attributes

CC_CONSTRUCTOR_ACCESS __pad0__: PUPathFollower(void)
- Public Attributes inherited from PUAffector
CC_CONSTRUCTOR_ACCESS __pad0__: PUAffector()
- Public Attributes inherited from Particle3DAffector
CC_CONSTRUCTOR_ACCESS __pad0__: Particle3DAffector()

Protected Attributes

PUSimpleSpline _spline
- Protected Attributes inherited from PUAffector
Vec3 _position
Vec3 _affectorScale
 Although the scale is on a Particle System level, the affector can also be scaled. More...
Vec3 _derivedPosition
 Because the public attribute ´position?is sometimes used for both localspace and worldspace position, the mDerivedPosition attribute is introduced. More...
AffectSpecialisation _affectSpecialisation
 The mAffectSpecialisation is used to specialise the affector. More...
std::string _affectorType
std::vector< std::string > _excludedEmitters
var _excludedEmitters
local _excludedEmitters
std::string _name
float _mass
- Protected Attributes inherited from Particle3DAffector
bool _isEnabled
- Protected Attributes inherited from Ref
unsigned int _referenceCount
 count of references More...
local _referenceCount
 count of references More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from PUAffector
 The AffectSpecialisation enumeration is used to specialise the affector even more. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from PUAffector
float calculateAffectSpecialisationFactor (const PUParticle3D *particle)
var calculateAffectSpecialisationFactor ( var particle)
local calculateAffectSpecialisationFactor ( local particle)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Ref
 Ref ()
 Constructor. More...
 Ref ()
 Constructor. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual ~PUPathFollower ( void  )
var ~PUPathFollower (   )
local ~PUPathFollower (   )

Member Function Documentation

void addPoint ( const Vec3 point)
var addPoint ( var  point)
local addPoint ( local  point)
void clearPoints ( void  )

Clear all points.

var clearPoints (   )

Clear all points.

local clearPoints (   )

Clear all points.

virtual void copyAttributesTo ( PUAffector affector)

Reimplemented from PUAffector.

var copyAttributesTo ( var  affector)

Reimplemented from PUAffector.

local copyAttributesTo ( local  affector)

Reimplemented from PUAffector.

static PUPathFollower* create ( )
var create ( )
local create ( )
unsigned short getNumPoints ( void  ) const
var getNumPoints (   )
local getNumPoints (   )
const Vec3& getPoint ( unsigned short  index) const
var getPoint ( var  index)
local getPoint ( local  index)
virtual void updatePUAffector ( PUParticle3D particle,
float  deltaTime 

Reimplemented from PUAffector.

var updatePUAffector ( var  particle,
var  deltaTime 

Reimplemented from PUAffector.

local updatePUAffector ( local  particle,
local  deltaTime 

Reimplemented from PUAffector.

Member Data Documentation

var __pad0__
local __pad0__
PUSimpleSpline _spline
var _spline
local _spline

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