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Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 CHttpRequest::_prxyThis sub class is just for migration SEL_CallFuncND to SEL_HttpResponse,someday this way will be removed
 CAABBAxis Aligned Bounding Box (AABB), usually caculate some rough but fast collision detection
 CActionTweenDelegateThe delegate class for ActionTween
 CAnimation3DCacheAnimation3D Cache
 CAnimation3DDataAnimation data
 CAnimationFrameDataStruct that holds the size in pixels, texture coordinates and delays for animated ParticleSystemQuad
 CManifest::AssetAsset object
 CManifest::AssetDiffObject indicate the difference between two Assets
 CAsyncTaskPoolThis class allows to perform background operations without having to manipulate threads
 CAudioEngineOffers a interface to play audio
 CBlendFuncBlend Function used for textures
 CBone3D::BoneBlendStateBoneBlendState struct
 CVertexData::BufferAttributeSimple struct to bundle buffer and attribute
 CBundle3DDefines a bundle file that contains a collection of assets
 CPUBillboardChain::ChainSegmentSimple struct defining a chain segment by referencing a subset of the preallocated buffer (which will be mMaxElementsPerChain * mChainCount long), by it's chain index, and a head and tail value which describe the current chain
 CClonableInterface that defines how to clone an Ref
 CColor3BRGB color composed of bytes 3 bytes
 CColor4BRGBA color composed of 4 bytes
 CColor4FRGBA color composed of 4 floats
 CControllerA Controller object represents a connected physical game controller
 CAnimation3D::CurveAnimation curve, translation, rotation, and scale
 CWebSocket::DataData structure for message
 CDataPool< T >
 CDataPool< Particle3D >
 CWebSocket::DelegateThe delegate class is used to process websocket events
 CAnimationFrame::DisplayedEventInfoWhen the animation display,Dispatches the event of UserData
 CEditBoxDelegateEditbox delgate class
 CPUBillboardChain::ElementContains the data of an element of the BillboardChain
 CEventDispatcher::EventListenerVectorThe vector to store event listeners with scene graph based priority and fixed priority
 CFileUtilsHelper class to handle file operations
 CFontDefinitionFont attributes
 CFontShadowTypes used for defining fonts properties (i.e
 CFontStrokeStroke attributes
 CFrustumFrustum is a six-side geometry, usually use the frustum to do fast-culling: check a entity whether is a potential visible entity
 CGLContextAttrsOpengl Context Attrs
 CGLProgramStateCacheSome GLprogram state could be shared
 CHttpClientSingleton that handles asynchrounous http requests
 CIMEDelegateInput method editor delegate
 CIMEDispatcherInput Method Edit Message Dispatcher
 CIMEKeyboardNotificationInfoKeyboard notification event type
 CLayoutParameterProtocolProtocol for getting a LayoutParameter
 CLayoutProtocolLayout interface for creating LayoutManger and do actual layout
 CLuaBridgeBuild bridge between ObjC and Lua
 CLuaJavaBridgeBuild a bridge between Java and Lua script
 CLuaValueWrap different general types of data into a same specific type named LuaValue
 CMap< K, V >Similar to std::unordered_map, but it will manage reference count automatically internally
 CMap< cocos2d::GLProgram *, cocos2d::GLProgramState * >
 CMap< int, cocos2d::Node * >
 CMap< int, cocos2d::Primitive * >
 CMap< int, cocos2d::ui::cocos2d::ui::Scale9Sprite * >
 CMap< int, cocos2d::ui::LayoutParameter * >
 CMap< std::string, ActionTimeline * >
 CMap< std::string, cocos2d::Animation * >
 CMap< std::string, cocos2d::CallFunc * >
 CMap< std::string, cocos2d::SpriteFrame * >
 CMap< std::string, cocostudio::AnimationData * >
 CMap< std::string, cocostudio::ArmatureData * >
 CMap< std::string, cocostudio::Bone * >
 CMap< std::string, cocostudio::BoneData * >
 CMap< std::string, cocostudio::MovementBoneData * >
 CMap< std::string, cocostudio::MovementData * >
 CMap< std::string, cocostudio::TextureData * >
 CMap< std::string, SIOClientImpl * >
 CMarginMargin of widget's in point
 CMat4Copyright 2013 BlackBerry Inc
 CObjLoader::material_tModel's material struct
 CMaterialDataMaterial data,
 CMaterialDatasMaterial datas, since 3.3
 CMathUtilCopyright 2013 BlackBerry Inc
 CObjLoader::mesh_tModel's indices struct
 CMeshDataMesh data
 CMeshDatasMesh datas
 CMeshInfoClass that constructs mesh information of a given mesh name
 CMeshVertexAttribMesh vertex attribute
 CmodeAMode A: gravity, direction, radial accel, tangential accel
 CmodeBMode B: radius mode
 CModelDataModel node data, since 3.3
 CNodeDataNode data, since 3.3
 CNodeDatasNode datas, since 3.3
 CNTextureDataNew material, since 3.3
 COBBOritened Bounding Box(OBB)
 CObjLoader.obj file Loader
 COffset< T >
 COffset< flatbuffers::CSParseBinary >
 COffset< flatbuffers::String >
 CPhysicsContactPostSolvePostsolve value generated when onContactPostSolve called
 CPhysicsContactPreSolvePresolve value generated when onContactPreSolve called
 CPhysicsDebugDrawA physics helper class
 CPhysicsHelperA physics helper class
 CPhysicsJointAn PhysicsJoint object connects two physics bodies together
 CPhysicsWorldAn PhysicsWorld object simulates collisions and other physical properties
 CPlaneDefines plane
 CPointSpriteVec2 Sprite component
 CPUTriangle::PositionAndNormalThe struct is used to return both the position and the normal
 CPUControlPointSorterComparer used for sorting vector in ascending order
 CPUForceFieldForce Field Affector Class: This class defines a force field to affect the particle direction
 CPUForceFieldCalculationFactoryPure virtual ForceFieldCalculationFactory
 CPUPlaneDefines a plane in 3D space
 CPUScriptTokenThis struct represents a token, which is an ID'd lexeme from the parsing input stream
 CPUScriptTranslatorScript translator
 CPUSortAscendingComparer used for sorting vector in ascending order
 CPUSortDescendingComparer used for sorting vector in descending order
 CPUSphereA sphere primitive, mostly used for bounds checking
 CPUTriangleDefinition of a Triangle
 CQuad2A 2D Quad
 CQuad3A 3D Quad
 CQuaternionDefines a 4-element quaternion that represents the orientation of an object in space
 CRandomHelperA helper class for creating random number
 CRayRay is a line with one end
 CRectRectangle area
 CRefRef is used for reference count manangement
 CReferenceReference data
 CRenderCommandBase class of the RenderCommand hierarchy
 CRenderQueueClass that knows how to sort RenderCommand objects
 CScriptHandlerMgrIn order to reduce the coupling of lua script engine and native c++ engine
 CObjLoader::shape_tModel's shape struct
 CObjLoader::shapes_tModel's shapes struct
 CSimpleAudioEngineOffers a very simple interface to play background music & sound effects
 CSocketIO::SIODelegateThe delegate class to process events
 CSkinDataSkin data
 CSocketIOSingleton and wrapper class to provide static creation method as well as registry of all sockets
 CsParticleStructure that contains the values of each particle
 CSprite3DMaterialCacheSprite3D material is only texture for now
 CT2F_QuadTexture coordinates for a quad
 CTableViewDataSourceData source that governs table backend data
 CTex2FA vertex composed of 2 floats: x, y
 CTexParamsExtension to set the Min / Mag filter
 CTextFieldDelegateA input protocol for TextField
 CTextHAlignmentHorizontal text alignment type
 CTextVAlignmentVertical text alignment type
 CTransitionEaseSceneTransitionEaseScene can ease the actions of the scene protocol
 CTrianglesCommand::TrianglesThe structure of Triangles
 CUniformUniform is a structure to encapsulate data got from glGetActiveUniform and glGetUniformLocation
 CUniformValueUniform Value, which is used to store to value send to openGL pipe line by glUniformXXX
 CUserDefaultUserDefault acts as a tiny database
 CV2F_C4B_T2FA Vec2 with a vertex point, a tex coord point and a color 4B
 CV2F_C4B_T2F_QuadA Quad of V2F_C4B_T2F
 CV2F_C4B_T2F_TriangleA Triangle of V2F_C4B_T2F
 CV2F_C4F_T2FA Vec2 with a vertex point, a tex coord point and a color 4F
 CV2F_C4F_T2F_Quad4 Vertex2FTex2FColor4F Quad
 CV3F_C4B_T2FA Vec2 with a vertex point, a tex coord point and a color 4B
 CV3F_C4B_T2F_Quad4 Vertex3FTex2FColor4B
 CV3F_T2FA Vec2 with a vertex point, a tex coord point
 CVec2Defines a 2-element floating point vector
 CVec3Defines a 3-element floating point vector
 CVec4Defines 4-element floating point vector
 CVector< T >
 CVector< cocos2d::AnimationFrame * >
 CVector< cocos2d::Bone3D * >
 CVector< cocos2d::cocos2d::Node * >
 CVector< cocos2d::EventListenerCustom * >
 CVector< cocos2d::extension::Invocation * >
 CVector< cocos2d::extension::TableViewCell * >
 CVector< cocos2d::GLProgramState * >
 CVector< cocos2d::Layer * >
 CVector< cocos2d::MenuItem * >
 CVector< cocos2d::Mesh * >
 CVector< cocos2d::MeshIndexData * >
 CVector< cocos2d::MeshVertexData * >
 CVector< cocos2d::Node * >
 CVector< cocos2d::PhysicsBody * >
 CVector< cocos2d::PhysicsShape * >
 CVector< cocos2d::Scene * >
 CVector< cocos2d::TMXObjectGroup * >
 CVector< cocos2d::ui::Layout * >
 CVector< cocos2d::ui::RichElement * >
 CVector< cocos2d::ui::Widget * >
 CVector< cocosbuilder::CCBAnimationManager * >
 CVector< cocosbuilder::CCBKeyframe * >
 CVector< cocosbuilder::CCBSequence * >
 CVector< cocostudio::ActionFrame * >
 CVector< cocostudio::ActionNode * >
 CVector< cocostudio::ActionObject * >
 CVector< cocostudio::BaseTriggerAction * >
 CVector< cocostudio::BaseTriggerCondition * >
 CVector< cocostudio::Bone * >
 CVector< cocostudio::ColliderBody * >
 CVector< cocostudio::ContourData * >
 CVector< cocostudio::DecorativeDisplay * >
 CVector< cocostudio::DisplayData * >
 CVector< cocostudio::FrameData * >
 CVector< cocostudio::Tween * >
 CVector< Frame * >
 CVector< Timeline * >
 CVertexAttribVertexAttrib is a structure to encapsulate data got from glGetActiveAttrib
 CVertexAttribValueVertex Attribute Value, which is an abstraction of VertexAttribute and data pointer
 CVertexStreamAttributeVertexStreamAttribute is used to specify the vertex attribute for drawing, which is correspondent to glVertexAttribPointer(GLuint indx, GLint size, GLenum type, GLboolean normalized, GLsizei stride, const GLvoid* ptr)