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Clonable Class Referenceabstract

Interface that defines how to clone an Ref. More...

#include <CCRef.h>

Inheritance diagram for Clonable:
Action Animation AnimationFrame PointArray SpriteFrame ActionTimeline FiniteTimeAction Follow Speed ActionInstant ActionInterval CallFunc FlipX FlipY Hide Place RemoveSelf ReuseGrid Show StopGrid ToggleVisibility CCBSetSpriteFrame CCBSoundEffect AccelAmplitude AccelDeccelAmplitude ActionCamera ActionEase ActionTween Animate Animate3D BezierBy Blink CardinalSplineTo DeccelAmplitude DelayTime FadeTo GridAction JumpBy MoveBy ProgressFromTo ProgressTo Repeat RepeatForever ReverseTime RotateBy RotateTo ScaleTo Sequence SkewTo Spawn TargetedAction TintBy TintTo CCBRotateTo CCBRotateXTo CCBRotateYTo

Public Member Functions

virtual Clonableclone () const =0
 Returns a copy of the Ref. More...
virtual ~Clonable ()
Refcopy () const
 Returns a copy of the Ref. More...

Detailed Description

Interface that defines how to clone an Ref.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual ~Clonable ( )

Member Function Documentation

virtual Clonable* clone ( ) const
pure virtual

Returns a copy of the Ref.

Implemented in TargetedAction, Animate, ReverseTime, DelayTime, TintBy, TintTo, EaseCubicActionInOut, FadeOut, EaseCubicActionOut, EaseCubicActionIn, FadeIn, EaseCircleActionInOut, FadeTo, EaseCircleActionOut, EaseCircleActionIn, Blink, EaseQuinticActionInOut, ScaleBy, EaseQuinticActionOut, EaseQuinticActionIn, EaseQuarticActionInOut, ScaleTo, EaseQuarticActionOut, EaseQuarticActionIn, BezierTo, EaseQuadraticActionInOut, EaseQuadraticActionOut, BezierBy, EaseQuadraticActionIn, EaseBezierAction, JumpTo, EaseBackInOut, JumpBy, EaseBackOut, SkewBy, EaseBackIn, EaseBounceInOut, SkewTo, EaseBounceOut, MoveTo, EaseBounceIn, EaseBounce, MoveBy, EaseElasticInOut, Twirl, SplitCols, EaseElasticOut, RotateBy, SplitRows, __CCCallFuncO, EaseElasticIn, Waves, JumpTiles3D, __CCCallFuncND, RotateTo, EaseElastic, CallFuncN, Liquid, WavesTiles3D, EaseSineInOut, ReuseGrid, Spawn, EaseSineOut, StopGrid, CallFunc, Shaky3D, TurnOffTiles, EaseSineIn, DeccelAmplitude, CatmullRomBy, Follow, EaseExponentialInOut, RepeatForever, Ripple3D, FadeOutDownTiles, CatmullRomTo, Place, AccelAmplitude, EaseExponentialOut, Animation, FadeOutUpTiles, CCBEaseInstant, CardinalSplineBy, Speed, FlipY, EaseExponentialIn, CCBRotateYTo, FadeOutBLTiles, Repeat, AccelDeccelAmplitude, CCBRotateXTo, EaseInOut, FadeOutTRTiles, Lens3D, FlipX, CardinalSplineTo, CCBRotateTo, TiledGrid3DAction, CCBSoundEffect, FiniteTimeAction, EaseOut, SpriteFrame, RemoveSelf, CCBSetSpriteFrame, Sequence, EaseIn, FlipY3D, ActionTimeline, ShuffleTiles, ToggleVisibility, PointArray, OrbitCamera, Grid3DAction, AnimationFrame, Hide, FlipX3D, EaseRateAction, ShatteredTiles3D, ActionInterval, ProgressFromTo, LuaCallFunc, ActionTween, Show, Waves3D, Animate3D, PageTurn3D, ActionCamera, Action, ActionEase, GridAction, ProgressTo, ShakyTiles3D, and ActionInstant.

Ref* copy ( ) const

Returns a copy of the Ref.

Use clone() instead.

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