cocos2d-x  3.2
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Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 C__RGBAProtocolRGBA protocol that affects Node's color and opacity
 CAnimation3DCacheAnimation3D Cache
 CAnimation3DDataAnimation data
 CBlendFuncBlend Function used for textures
 CBlendProtocolSpecify the blending function according glBlendFunc Please refer to glBlendFunc in OpenGL ES Manual for more details
 CBundle3DDefines a bundle file that contains a collection of assets
 CccBezierConfigBezier configuration structure
 CClonableInterface that defines how to clone an Ref
 CColor3BRGB color composed of bytes 3 bytes
 CColor4BRGBA color composed of 4 bytes
 CColor4FRGBA color composed of 4 floats
 CAnimation3D::CurveAnimation curve, translation, rotation, and scale
 CWebSocket::DataData structure for message
 CDataVisitorVisitor that helps to perform action that depends on polymorphic object type
 CWebSocket::DelegateThe delegate class to process websocket events
 CDictElementDictElement is used for traversing Dictionary
 CDirectorDelegateOpenGL projection protocol
 CEventDispatcher::EventListenerVectorThe vector to store event listeners with scene graph based priority and fixed priority
 CFileUtilsHelper class to handle file operations
 CFontShadowTypes used for defining fonts properties (i.e
 CHttpClientSingleton that handles asynchrounous http requests Once the request completed, a callback will issued in main thread when it provided during make request
 CIMEDelegateInput method editor delegate
 CIMEDispatcherInput Method Edit Message Dispatcher
 CLabelProtocolCommon interface for Labels
 CMap< K, V >
 CMap< cocos2d::GLProgram *, cocos2d::GLProgramState * >
 CMap< int, cocos2d::extension::Scale9Sprite * >
 CMap< int, cocos2d::Node * >
 CMap< int, cocos2d::ui::LayoutParameter * >
 CMap< std::string, ActionTimeline * >
 CMap< std::string, cocos2d::Animation * >
 CMap< std::string, cocos2d::CallFunc * >
 CMap< std::string, cocos2d::Component * >
 CMap< std::string, cocos2d::ProfilingTimer * >
 CMap< std::string, cocos2d::SpriteFrame * >
 CMap< std::string, cocostudio::AnimationData * >
 CMap< std::string, cocostudio::ArmatureData * >
 CMap< std::string, cocostudio::Bone * >
 CMap< std::string, cocostudio::BoneData * >
 CMap< std::string, cocostudio::MovementBoneData * >
 CMap< std::string, cocostudio::MovementData * >
 CMap< std::string, cocostudio::TextureData * >
 CMap< std::string, SIOClientImpl * >
 CMat4Copyright 2013 BlackBerry Inc
 CMaterialDataMaterial data
 CMathUtilCopyright 2013 BlackBerry Inc
 CMeshCacheMesh Cache
 CMeshDataMesh data
 CMeshSkinDataCacheMeshSkinData Cache
 CMeshVertexAttribMesh vertex attribute
 CMipmapInfoStructure which can tell where mipmap begins and how long is it
 CPhysicsWorldAn PhysicsWorld object simulates collisions and other physical properties
 CPointSpriteVec2 Sprite component
 CQuad2A 2D Quad. 4 * 2 floats
 CQuad3A 3D Quad. 4 * 3 floats
 CQuaternionDefines a 4-element quaternion that represents the orientation of an object in space
 CReferenceReference data
 CRefPtr< T >Wrapper class which maintains a strong reference to a cocos2dx cocos2d::Ref* type object
 CRenderCommandBase class of the RenderCommand hierarchy
 CRenderCommandPool< T >
 CRenderQueueClass that knows how to sort RenderCommand objects
 CSimpleAudioEngineOffers a VERY simple interface to play background music & sound effects
 CSocketIO::SIODelegateThe delegate class to process events
 CSkinDataSkin data
 CSocketIOSingleton and wrapper class to provide static creation method as well as registry of all sockets
 CSprite3DMaterialCacheSprite3D material is only texture for now
 CTableViewDataSourceData source that governs table backend data
 CTex2FA vertex composed of 2 floats: x, y
 CTexParamsExtension to set the Min / Mag filter
 CtImageTGATGA format
 CtParticleStructure that contains the values of each particle
 CTransitionEaseSceneTransitionEaseScene can ease the actions of the scene protocol
 CUserDefaultUserDefault acts as a tiny database
 CV2F_C4B_T2FVec2 with a vertex point, a tex coord point and a color 4B
 CV2F_C4B_T2F_QuadA Quad of V2F_C4B_T2F
 CV2F_C4B_T2F_TriangleA Triangle of V2F_C4B_T2F
 CV2F_C4F_T2FVec2 with a vertex point, a tex coord point and a color 4F
 CV2F_C4F_T2F_Quad4 Vertex2FTex2FColor4F Quad
 CV3F_C4B_T2FVec2 with a vertex point, a tex coord point and a color 4B
 CV3F_C4B_T2F_Quad4 Vertex3FTex2FColor4B
 CV3F_T2FVec2 with a vertex point, a tex coord point
 CVec2Defines a 2-element floating point vector
 CVec3Defines a 3-element floating point vector
 CVec4Defines 4-element floating point vector
 CVector< T >
 CVector< cocos2d::AnimationFrame * >
 CVector< cocos2d::Bone3D * >
 CVector< cocos2d::EventListenerCustom * >
 CVector< cocos2d::extension::Invocation * >
 CVector< cocos2d::extension::TableViewCell * >
 CVector< cocos2d::Layer * >
 CVector< cocos2d::MenuItem * >
 CVector< cocos2d::Node * >
 CVector< cocos2d::PhysicsBody * >
 CVector< cocos2d::PhysicsShape * >
 CVector< cocos2d::Scene * >
 CVector< cocos2d::TMXLayerInfo * >
 CVector< cocos2d::TMXObjectGroup * >
 CVector< cocos2d::TMXTilesetInfo * >
 CVector< cocos2d::ui::Layout * >
 CVector< cocos2d::ui::RichElement * >
 CVector< cocos2d::ui::Widget * >
 CVector< cocosbuilder::CCBAnimationManager * >
 CVector< cocosbuilder::CCBKeyframe * >
 CVector< cocosbuilder::CCBSequence * >
 CVector< cocostudio::ActionFrame * >
 CVector< cocostudio::ActionNode * >
 CVector< cocostudio::ActionObject * >
 CVector< cocostudio::BaseTriggerAction * >
 CVector< cocostudio::BaseTriggerCondition * >
 CVector< cocostudio::Bone * >
 CVector< cocostudio::ColliderBody * >
 CVector< cocostudio::ContourData * >
 CVector< cocostudio::DecorativeDisplay * >
 CVector< cocostudio::DisplayData * >
 CVector< cocostudio::FrameData * >
 CVector< cocostudio::Tween * >
 CVector< Frame * >
 CVector< Timeline * >
 CZipFileZip file - reader helper class